Thursday, November 11, 2010

40 randomly awesome people, places, things.

Originally this was going to be 100, but for the five or six people that would read this, it would take way too long to get through if I did that. Therefore, it's 40. Since I did this over several days, I go through interesting phases - you can almost see which segments were done separately. In no particular order, as you can see by #1.

1. Vanilla Tootsie Rolls. They taste like cake frosting.
3. The horn section in Sam and Dave's "Hold On I'm Comin'".
4. My friend, a sportswriter, writing an article that wasn't about sports. It was about much more.
5. The Ice Man.
6. This poem.
7. CUP OF COFFEE IN THE BIG TIME! No, I still don't watch this.
8. Jumbo's Clown Room.
9. This website. Reason #47 why I'm a nerd.
10. Introducing Harry Lime.
11. Kandinsky
12. "If you still love rock n' roll..." Best live band I've ever seen, bar none.
13. Tanqueray and Tonic, two limes.
14. This baseball card. My main man.
15. "It pays right, I'll do it..."
16. Chief Sitting Bull. A legitimate bad-ass. Doubt me? Read this book.
17. Omar Little. Another legitimate bad-ass, albeit fictional. Watch The Wire. Don't even want to put up a clip, because every scene he's in matters. If you have seen the show, watch it all in a row.
18. Mastro's Bone-In Rib Eye, Creamed Corn and Lobster Mashed Potatoes.
19. One of the greatest comedians and nicest celebrities I've ever met. R.I.P.
20. There's a reason that a movie was made about this guy. This fight. This round.
21. Since I didn't put any Omar clips, I'll still give the actor, Michael K. Williams, some credit. This scene of him in Boardwalk Empire brought the show up another level.
22. "Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin." Yes, I could put 50 Warner Bros. cartoons up here.
23. The greatest moment during my last year of college lasted 4.8 seconds.
24. The lyric "She was a really cool kisser and she wasn't all that strict of a Christian" from this song.
25. Whether or not Keith Olbermann still has a show (he does - wrote this one before he came back), he'll always have this moment.
26. The Andy Warhol Life Savers' prints.
27. This guy will always make the list.
28. Malcolm Gladwell's books. Any of them. A great read.
29. Cufflinks. I wear them every chance I get. And I need to get these.
30. This website. Still holds up after all of these years, and it's where I got my Twitter avatar!
31. Comedy needs to take chances. This was one of the best examples of that. Part one.
32. Part two.
33. Her.
34. I have a feeling that Sterling-Cooper didn't do this commercial. No matter, still powerful television.
35. Sometimes, words can't describe how bad an album is. This critic - on a site that lives for incredibly-verbose reviews - realized this when giving a 0.0 wasn't enough.
36. Say what you want about the guy, whatever the politics are, the guy knows how to give a speech.
37. The one sporting event - no doubt whatsoever - I wish I had attended.
38. The one fictional sporting event - no doubt whatsoever - I wish I had attended. Forget the fact that the last round was less than a minute.
39. My favorite comedienne of all time. Imagination is a good thing.
40. I'll end with my favorite heroine. Le sigh...