Saturday, July 2, 2011


So, new idea. I'm going to take topics where I don't really have a concrete answer regarding them, discuss both sides of the topic, then open the topic up to you. Yes, this means I'll actually be expecting comments from my readers, especially the ones in Germany (seems like over 100 people in Germany have read my blog, and I truly do want to know who they are. Willkommen!)

First topic on the board: IS BJORK SEXY? I really don't know the answer to this question. I'm sure that people do have an instant opinion on this, but I don't. I really could answer this both ways. Let's break it down:


Sometimes, photographs of Bjork can be quite pretty. This first image of her, she's quite attractive, although there seems to be a good two inches between her eyes. Granted, it's an untraditional look, but there is something alluring about her.

Then, sometimes, that whole "I'm a four-year-old trapped in an adult mental patient's body" thing comes out. Like this:

This woman would make me take a couple steps back. She seems to be the type of woman you read about in a small-town paper: LOCAL WOMAN POSSESSED IN PUBLIC LIBRARY. There are a lot of adjectives I would use to describe this picture, but "sexy" is not one of them.

Then, sometimes she has somewhat natural photos, and she looks cute. She almost has a half-Asian look to her. If this girl had an online dating profile, I'd most likely continue to read it, at least until I get to the part where she really, really likes cats.

I think the key with Bjork is that she shouldn't smile, because when she smiles she looks insane (but considering my past history with women, that's never been an obstacle for me, so, this still leaves me without an answer).


Let's face it, Bjork has an amazing singing voice. In this live version of "All Is Full of Love", she just has a clean, powerful voice. Forget the fact that she's dressed in a costume that looks like a failed concept for "Electro Woman and Dyna Girl"(okay, maybe I wanted an excuse to put up a clip from that show. Sue me). When she gets that growl in her voice (like on this version of "Big Time Sensuality"), yes, you definitely have to say that she has a sexy voice. Arguably, one of the sexier voices out there.

Then you hear her talk. The whole four-year-old thing comes out again. I guess that it all depends what you're into, but that's not my bag. Now, in her case, it could just be that her accent is such that it makes her sound young, but it also could be an affectation, and if it's that, I can't support that as sexy.


If there's ever a video collection you should own on DVD, it's Bjork's Volumen, as she is one of the most compelling video artists out there (yes, there still are people who make great videos). She won best actress at Cannes for her role in Dancer in the Dark. Her album Post is considered to be one of the top 500 albums of all time by Rolling Stone. If you are entranced by artistry, she's got it in bushels.

On the other side, she is constantly one of the worst dressers in show business, and I'm not even talking about the swan dress.

This has to knock off a couple points, doesn't it? Or does her daring give them back?

I guess the point is, I have no idea. There are definitely sexy qualities about Bjork, then there are a few that are just flat-out weird. Help me answer this question.

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