Sunday, December 7, 2008

a brief period of hellishness

So, I'm at the UCLA-USC football game yesterday, which was bad enough considering that I am a UCLA alumnus and their football team is not too good right now and the results proved it. No, that wasn't my problem. The real problem was the halftime show.

Three things that I hate:

1) USC.
2) The USC marching band.
3) The Offspring.

Well, the halftime show combined all three of those things, with the band playing "three of your favorite Offspring songs", and conducted by the lead singer of the band. Since the aisle to get in and out of the stadium was completely packed, I had to grit my teeth and sit through about nine minutes of blaring staccato riffs and marching. Forget the fact that the Bruins were down 21-7, I now had to put up with THIS? 

To make matters worse, the UCLA band then followed. How do we follow a punk band's music to get the crowd riled up and put the fans back on our side? Why not three songs from "West Side Story"? Yeah, THAT will get them amped! You want to get things rocking? Let's pull out the "Gee Officer Krupke" card!

Maybe it's time that UCLA needs to take the angrier personality. We've always been the cute side of the rivalry, the "gutty little Bruins". Maybe we got to get a little more edge (although The Offspring doesn't necessarily represent "edgy", but I digress). Let's start with the band. Play some Dead Kennedys or Metallica or something with a little more bite. Follow USC and bring strippers in to be our cheerleaders (okay, maybe that's not true, but strippers are always looking for an education, let's do our part). Maybe we need to go back to having a real bear on the field instead of cartoon characters. Image is the first step in many cases. 


macalicious said...

"the more you suffer, the more it shows you really care, yeah, right!" i have always thought of the offspring as a snotty-know nothing-orange county band and although my dad got his graduate degree there, i always thought of sc as a snotty-know nothing-so cal school, so perfect!

Jackie said...

we're no longer friends. fight on teddy bear.