Monday, January 12, 2009

names for bands i'll never be in

I'm one of those people that will never be in a band. I wish that I had musical ability, but after watching a couple of my friends sit down at the drums and guitar and play them effortlessly at the Seattle Music Experience while I clumsily attacked a poor, defenseless guitar, it is clear that a career on stage is not in the cards for me. That is a shame, because I know that if I ever was in a band, it would have a kick-ass name.

Over the course of time, I have come up with a few band names that I think are worthy of the Hollywood Bowl (or maybe just Smell or Spaceland). Here are some old and new names mixed together. If you have a band and want to use one of these names, please just remember to tell people where you got it from. I'd like to have at least some footnote in rock music history.

Gratuitous Studebaker
Black Pasta
Slow White Bronco
The Rude Lads
The Martin Landau Accident
The Flesh Pops
Suburb Fabulous
Gosh Darn!
The Klecko Maniacs
Baggage Claim
The Satin Pillowcase Romantics
Teddy Ruxpin Abuse
Bilge Pop
Milk Truck of Funk
Kraken Release Therapy
Plenty of Notes (or, Notes Aplenty)

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