Thursday, January 22, 2009

i picked the wrong business to be in...

There was a part of me that always wanted to do comedy. I held back, mainly because most of the people that I knew or read about in that profession seemed to be unhappy, bitter people that were willing to stab one in the back. Before you say "Shawn, you would've been perfect for comedy!", it's not the personal traits that I'd want to pursue. That being said, something that I saw tonight made me realize that I may have made a mistake.

You see the picture above. That's Elizabeth Moss from "Mad Men", otherwise known as the redhead. I haven't started watching it, yet, but I've heard about the redhead. The guy in the picture is Fred Armisen, from "Saturday Night Live". I think he's amusing - more or less - but I do have one friend that openly despises him and thinks he's the least funny guy in show business.

Anyway, they're getting married. That's right, married. Now, no knocks on Armisen's looks (but, really, I am knocking), but he sure as hell must be a funny guy in person. Also, Armisen used to date Petra Haden, another woman whom I dig greatly. This man has pulled at least two women that I would be proud to call my own (as far as I know, at least - they could be freaks, perhaps), and I have to believe "Saturday Night Live" has a lot to do with it. 

There's an article that appeared recently about the amazing ability of David Spade to succeed with the ladies, and while it was stated that it is more about his personality than his fame, I'm sure his success in comedy did not hurt him.

Anyway, is it true that women are looking for men that make them laugh? I'm still trying to figure that one out. But God bless Fred Armisen. 


Rubble44 said...

Bro, Christina Hendricks is the redhead on Mad Men. Elisabeth Moss is cute, but it's not the same league, it's not even the same sport.

duckiesuccumbs said...

wrong one, got it. still, he traded up.